CD6 Has Stubbornly Stood By Coffman. Are Changing Demographics, And Jason Crow, Enough To Beat Him?

Colorado’s 6th Congressional District is once again a key target in the Democratic effort to wrest control of the House of Representatives from Republicans this November.

Democrats are trying for the fourth time to unseat Republican Rep. Mike Coffman from a district that was redrawn in 2012. It’s a goal that has eluded Democrats for years, even as the demographics have become more favorable. Now that Donald Trump is president, political operatives on both sides of the aisle see the district as even more vulnerable.

“We’re just running our own race,” said Coffman, who is known to keep a fast-paced schedule in the community. “I’ve had the ability to establish a brand within the district that transcends being a Republican.”

He’ll need that constituent investment if he expects to win while following the playbook he’s used in past elections to reach out to Democrats and moderate voters.

The 6th Congressional District spans the eastern part of the Denver metro, including Aurora, the state’s third-largest city. It’s younger and more diverse that the state as a whole and has more African and Asian immigrants. In 2016, candidate Hillary Clinton won by 9 points over President Donald Trump.

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