The Villager: REMARKS – Vote for Coffman, Beckman and Brown

You should vote. If you think your one vote won’t make a difference, remember that in 1776 one vote gave America the English language instead of German and in 1845 Texas was admitted to the union by one single vote.

Your one single vote can help re-elect Mike Coffman to Congress and elect Susan Beckman and Katy Brown to Colorado’s House of Representatives.

Congressman Coffman deserves many, many “thank yous” from us for his more than 40 years of service to his local community, to our state and to our country.

It was more than 40 years ago that he first enlisted in the Army and then transferred to the Marines, where he then became an officer.

If military service weren’t enough, he found time to also serve our state from 1989 to 1995 as an elected representative in Colorado’s House, and then in 1994 he was elected state senator and served until 1998, when he was elected state treasurer, re-elected in 2002 until 2006, when he was elected Colorado’s secretary of state.

In 2008, Coffman was elected to Congress from the 6th Congressional District and has been re-elected since because voters of both parties have recognized that over the years he represented them well and fought for the following causes: national Security and fair treatment of immigrants, economic growth, energy, agriculture, veterans, small business, transportation, healthcare, education and our Constitution’s Second Amendment.

He has served so well that The Denver Post on Oct. 7 called for his re-election because, as they pointed out, Coffman was the “kind of leader, able to vote against fellow Republicans when he felt the needs of his constituents and the country called for him to do so.”

Congressman Coffman has served us well, very well, and certainly deserves our vote for his re-election!

Vote for Susan Beckman for state representative from District 38 because of her excellent record for the 12 years she served as our county commissioner. She then became Colorado’s director of the Office of Administrative Solutions, where she managed the construction and maintenance projects for the state veterans’ nursing homes, state mental hospitals and state youth correction facilities.

Beckman’s past public service has proven that she has been responsible with our tax dollars and made sure that our government was always accountable and transparent to us—the people she served.

Susan Beckman certainly deserves our vote!

Vote for Katy Brown to represent Colorado’s House District 3 because as a decade-long citizen of Cherry Hills Village she has proven her ability to well serve the people in a manner that that would end the Democrats’ wasteful spending and prevent future tax increases.

Brown has further proven her ability by having served as Cherry Hills Village Parks, Trails and Recreation Commissioner, and then on the City Council. She currently represents the city on the Colorado Municipal League’s Policy Committee and the Centennial Airport Noise Roundtable.

Vote for Katy Brown, who should be elected because she has the knowledge, experience and commitment to be the effective leader the citizens of House District 3 need.